BRC Summer Schools

In collaboration with Radboud Summer School, the BRC organises two summer schools this year:

Development from Pregnancy to Preschool (online) - July 5-9

Experienced instructors with a background in early childhood research will equip participants with state-of-the-art knowledge in developmental psychobiology, social-cognitive development and language development. This theoretical background will be complemented by lectures on science writing, applied research and policy making. Participants will use their knowledge to build bridges between research and practice.

How Early Life Shapes Human Development (online) - July 12-16

During the prenatal and early postnatal years human development proceeds at a breathtaking pace and is highly sensitive to environmental influence. Early experience shapes short- and long-term developmental outcomes. This course focuses on the effects of early experience on human development, and more specifically, on child socio-emotional development, physiology, and health.