We study children's language, social and cognitive development as well as their health during the first six years of life. We also investigate which factors influence this, such as the wellbeing of pregnant women and childcare.

Pregnancy and early childhood

When babies are born into this world they already have a nine-month journey behind them. This period inside their mother’s womb, as well as the first postnatal years, are extremely important ‘sensitive’ periods for later development.

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Does my baby understand me?

From very early on, babies are curious about the people around them. They follow people's movements with their eyes and easily smile when they see a friendly face. But what does a baby understand about other people?

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How do children learn to talk?

Our main goal is to better understand how children learn language; a process about which, strange as it may seem, very little is known. What do young children know about language, and in particular about their native language?

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