On this page you can find answers to some frequently asked questions.


Will I be told how my child performed during the study?

We are unable to give individual results since we only look at the results of the group of children tested as a whole. We do however post the results of our studies on our website. You can find the latest results under news.


I participated in a study and I have some questions/comments. Who should I contact?

You can call our lab manger on 024:2611203. She will try to answer your questions or if necessary put you in contact with the researcher.

If it is apparent from one of the studies my child participates in that he/she is not developing as expected, will I be told?

The tests that we do for our research are not suitable for detecting developmental problems in your child, so we are unable to give this kind of information.

If video recordings are to be made during my appointment, can I refuse to have my child recorded?

Yes, of course. When we make an appointment with you we will let you know if video recordings will be made. If you prefer that no recording be made, you can let us know.

Will I receive any payment for participation?

You will be offered either a gift for your child or a small amount of money.

Can I be present when my child is being tested?

Yes, parents are always present when their child is being tested.

Can I choose not to participate even if the study has already started?

Yes, you can pull out of the study at any point in time.

About my appointment

Is it possible to feed or change my baby?

Yes, we have a changing table and you can feed your baby in our playroom/waiting room.

I'm not able to come for my appointment. What should I do?

Please call our office: 024-3611203. If you get our answering service, please leave a message. Messages are listened to regularly and we will call you back to make a new appointment.

Can my partner/father/mother/...come with me?

Yes, that's generally no problem unless you've been told otherwise for specific studies. Sometimes the presence of an extra adult during the study can be distracting for your child. In that case, we will ask your partner/father/mother... to wait in our waiting room during the study. When we've finished testing, he or she can join you again to hear more about the study.

If I bring my other children, will there be someone available to babysit?

When we make an appointment with you, we will ask if you have other children. For shorter studies it's often possible for you to bring brothers and sisters - we have a playroom where they can play. One of our staff members will be present to babysit.

Where can I park and do I need to pay for parking?

We have reserved parking spaces for our visitors. These parking spaces are free of charge and are indicated on the map that we will send you when we make an appointment with you. At some locations you will need to take a parking ticket from the machine in order to gain access to the campus, but we will take care of any parking costs.

What should I do if I'm late for my appointment?

You can call our office: 024-3611203. If you get our answering service, please leave a message and we will get back to you. Messages are listened to regularly throughout the day.

My child has chicken pox (or another infectious disease). Can I still come?

If your child has an infections disease, such as chicken pox, please call us (024-3611203) to make a new appointment. If you get our answering service, please leave a message and we will call you back to make a new appointment.

Where do I have to go for my appointment?

When we make an appointment with you, we will send you a confirmation letter with our address and a map of the location where your appointment will take place. This will generally be at one of our main locations. On the day of your appointment we will wait for you well ahead of time in the agreed place. If you arrive very early, you can call the telephone number in your appointment letter.

About my personal information

What happens to the research data collected?

The research data collected from your child is analysed as part of the group of children tested and then used in scientific publications. No information is published that would identify your child (e.g. name), and your child's anonymity is guaranteed under all circumstances. The data collected is given a code and stored and only staff working on the study know which code is linked to your child. The research data can only be accessed by external researchers without personal information or other information that could make it possible to identify your child.

How did you get hold of my personal information and what happens to it when I register my child?

Baby & Child Research Center works together with various city councils in the province of Gelderland. These city councils send us the addresses of all parents who have recently had a child. The city council is allowed to give these addresses to the Baby & Child Research Center for the purpose of scientific research. We only ever use your address to send you a letter about the Baby & Child Research Center. We never give your address to anyone else and we don't use your information for anything other than our research. If you choose not to register for our research then your information is destroyed.

Your personal information is stored in our password-protected database. Only a small group of researchers know the password, which is also changed on a regular basis. Information in the database is used exclusively for the purpose of contacting you to make an appointment.